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October 05, 2012 @ 1:06 a.m.
Heavy with more than calcium

       All I wanted was to pick him up. Give him kisses. But that's when I felt it: the strain on my back as his legs left the floor. god no,
       "why are you growing?!" I asked a little too loud. A little too panicked.
       It was just a spark. A flame of sudden anxiety burning bright and, just as suddenly, burning out. But even as the feeling left, there remained an echo.
       "no! stop growing. you see? your bones are longer."
       Heavier. And all I could think was him getting older. No longer my child.
       good god, no! please be a child. my child...
       "I am! I'm growing!" he exclaimed too delighted. Unaware of my insecurities.
       "I can barely hold you up" I said, coming back to myself.
       "I know! It's all those fruits and healthy foods. They are making me grow. I can't eat them anymore. I can stay little." those bright eyes saying he found an answer. I was impressed.
       "aaahh, nice try. No ice-cream" I said, as we resumed our argument over ice-cream before dinner.

       Now, where did I read about kids being master manipulators? or was that babies?...

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