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June 06, 2016 @ 9:40 p.m.
You know.

       For a while there I was surviving on cough drops and cough syrup. When I found myself buying the third bottle, I decided to look for more natural remedies-- my lungs were not working, why destroy the liver on the way. But spoonfuls of honey and lemon and teas of anise and cinnamon helped as much as the medicine. Nothing but time has helped. A freaking long time and I’m only now seeing the end of this… bout of bronchitis? I have no idea what I have.
       The mother says I need iron. To Mother, everything looks like anemia.
       For a while there, the upstairs neighbors were the scourge of the building. Two weeks ago, they picked-up and left. One day, it took them only one day to move. A day and 5 hrs of insanely loud techno music. How do people do that?! Last time I moved, it took me way more than a week. It is so quiet. Peaceful. There’s a wad of papers taped to their door and I am dying to see what it says. But *gasp* I can’t let everyone know how much of a gossip I truly am!
       Goddamn curiosity.

       And goddamn Catelyn Stark. Half-way through the third book and she’s the only character that still rankles.

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