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September 30, 2012 @ 9:52 p.m.
Those Misshaped and True

       I have hearts drawn on blue post-its strewn across my monitor. Little hearts that look more like kidneys. But better hearts I could not have.
       And on the fridge, there is a stick figure picture - wrinkled and smoothed-out many times over. Just two stick figures with beating hearts and holding hands and a bright unrealistic yellow sun above their heads. A more beautiful picture I could never make.
       Even the broken ones. The ones he puts in front of me before running away sad and mad and frustrated. Even those hearts, I would never trade.
       It's the little things. They are the ones that bring me back to earth, back to a better reality. The ones that keep the ugly beast, and its fanged void, at bay. Because there are days that I can feel it breathing down my neck. And Athan is my only saving grace.

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