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March 20, 2014 @ 4:54 p.m.
thursday thursday. was it for everyone?

       I hate these little
After my whole life, have yet to learn
how to deal.
logic dictates everything is and will be fine.
He is in second grade.
He is still young.
A piece of paper. A simple suggestion.
Can drown me fast.
But I cannot be
And I will not be
My father's discontent
Nor my mother's blind eye
So I am pulled. What I grew to know,
and what I feel should be.
It's all about balance, true?
Yet, balance is the thing I cannot
do not
Ask me for the moon.
Always lacking, says the beast
Always afraid, sneers the beast

Do we all have constant tug-of-wars?

And in the end, in my zeal to avoid past mistakes
I am both
I am all
the discontent and the blind eye and the undue pressure and the unfair and the

not enough

thursday thursday, let me breathe

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