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January 20, 2014 @ 3:26 p.m.
Once, on a sunny day at a park...

†††††††A nice lady with a wonderful smile sat next to me and asked what I was reading. A chance to share the impossibilities of Zen while parenting? Why yes, letís converse!

†††††††me: Untrain your Parrot. Something about applying Zen principles to everyday life.
†††††††but please donít think I know what Iím talking about
†††††††me: Not really working for me.
†††††††hardy har har
†††††††NLWS: Oh. Sounds interesting. Is he yours?
†††††††she points
†††††††me: mhmm. Athan.
†††††††NLWS: Do you go to church?
†††††††noooooo! church lady!
†††††††me: umm. No. I havenít in a long time.
†††††††be nice and smile
†††††††CLWS: Iím catholic.
†††††††me: oh I grew up catholic. Well kind of. My mother is catholic. But my parents never really...imposed it on us.
†††††††ok, we can discuss religion
†††††††CLWS: I go to a great church. Itís right over by directions directions You should come. I always go to the 9am. Come tomorrow and Iíll introduce you. Jesus can give you anything you want.
†††††††me: oh thank you, but Iím ok, I
†††††††CLWS: Jesus can give you a husband
†††††††smile becomes grin

†††††††me: Ö.no thatís ok, thank you. I donít want a husband. I
†††††††but crazy church lady is not listening
†††††††CCL: You need a husband to take care of you. If you pray, Jesus can give you a husband and a father for your boy. And the bible says preach preach preach
†††††††be nice, Anna. be nice
†††††††damn it, time to leave

†††††††But it was about 20 min before I managed to convince Athan to leave. Felt way longer. Did learn lots, though. All about the apocalypse and the world going to hell and the bible being the only word of god andÖ really, must I go on?

(missed the Mormons that day. At least they engaged in conversation, never pontification)

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