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January 09, 2014 @ 4:22 p.m.
Once, on a very early morning...

       Hard knocking woke me up. And since I did not recognize the man, decided not to open. Let them leave, let me go back to dreaming.
       But, of course, it was not just any man. It was a man with a master key. It was maintenance. And I just stood there stumped when he opened the door, caught dismissing him. He stammered about forgotten tools and so sorry for waking me up and oh shit I got the wrong apartment. I briefly considered punishing the man with morning breath for rousing me on a rare morning when Athan had decided not to wake at the crack of dawn. But the poor man looked painfully embarrassed. So I took pity.
       Ah, but I was the one in need of pity. Yes, it was I that should have been painfully embarrassed. And I was. Once I saw myself in the bathroom mirror. Forget the crusty eyes and the bird's nest for hair. Bra-less, white and thin spaghetti-strap shirts may be comfortable for sleep, but not quite the thing to be wearing when strangers come a-calling.

(I've come to accept my troll looks in the mornings)

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