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January 04, 2014 @ 1:49 a.m.
But then

       I am thoroughly impressed with all these diaries that have kept the entries of years ago. What guts. Kudos to you all. This diary of mine has gone through many purges. And before this one there was another one.
       Seventeen. I was young, really.
       Oh, I have kept the entries somewhere in the mess that is my computer but I would never share the adaptation of my mind. Never in a continuous stream.
       Way too embarrassing, to say the least.
       And at every purge I've said goodbye and yet, I keep coming back.
       We all keep coming back. Because there is something to this private corner. Lives laid bare without pretension. Tell me of another place that deals quiet kindness to raw sincerity. I know not of another in the internet.

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