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February 12, 2013 @ 10:08 p.m.
Once, while moving (again)...

       I was throwing rocks where they belong: outside. Athan had collected a whole box of them. When walking back, I found myself locked in shock and wonder as I saw a baby dangling from a third story window. My very bewildered brain took a few seconds to decipher what it was I was seeing. For my conscious mind to say yes! those images belong together at this moment. Yes! a baby is holding on to the outside ledge of a window with one of his little hands. Yes, he will fall!
       And I could not move.
       To this day, I wonder how the man who caught the baby-- miraculously and just barely-- managed it. How did he unlock his muscles? How did he manage to coordinate his movements so the baby would touch his arms and not the ground? So close, so close.
       And the baby...
       He was all smiles.

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